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 XYBASE is a systems integrator, IPR developer, solutions provider and project implementation services with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and USA. XYBASE has implemented many large and complex IT projects in airports and the e-government space. XYBASE is known worldwide for its airport domain expertise and sound technical knowledge and provides comprehensive, cost-effective and state-of-the-art solutions to clients, based on their businesses needs and processes, without prejudice on the technologies available. XYBASE has successfully completed projects in Malaysia, the USA, Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific region.
XYBASE believes in operational management which aligns technologies to processes, which is what the XYBASE NextGen application suite is all about.  The application is designed to help the airports to manage their Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreement to a different level of efficiency and cost effectiveness.  XYBASE also provides Tech Ops as part on its services offerings

XYBASE Business

We are about people. We are about ideas. We are about skills, experience and creativity. We bring all these to our clients to provide solutions to address their needs.

Award-Winning AODB

XYBASE was recognized by ATTIS in 2002 for the best AODB implementation.

XYBASE Culture

The successful implementation of solutions requires drive, dedication, commitment and hard work.

XYBASE Added Value

The continuous availability of the solution requires high customer service level and attention. We provide our clients a unique experience in customer service when engaging business with XYBASE.

XYBASE Foresight

The continuous usefulness of the solution requires innovation and products R&D. XYBASE is always sensitive to market needs, constantly looking at productizing products developed for our clients and to jointly offer these products to the market.

Open Systems Solution

XYBASE provides a solution that is open and non-proprietary. By doing so, airports are able to select the systems that they need.

Pioneered Messaging Technology for Airports

XYBASE was part of the team that produced the first dedicated Message Broker for airports. We have invested considerably in R & D to make this a mature product.

All-Encompassing Airport Integration Vision

XYBASE believes in total airport integration. This includes integrating with systems that are flight-related as well as non-flight related such as status of building equipment and other organizations such as immigration, customs and police. This gives airport managers a wider and truer perspective of what is happening in the airport.

Continuous Development of Solutions

XYBASE has reactive and progressive research and development activities thus continuously improving our solutions. Obtaining input from customers, solution and technology partners, we enhance our products based on the direction the industry is taking.

What We Offer

System Integration and Consultancy

XYBASE AIRPORTS core expertise is to provide complete system integration in airports. Having successfully performed

Project Implementation

The main inherent skills, expertise and capabilities that XYBASE have in implementing all our projects be it large or small are as follows:

Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT)

To ensure successful opening of a new airport or facilities, smooth and efficient operations during the transition of an old

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