XYBASE had recently been awarded a contract to develop and implement the Contractor Workforce Management System, a module from AIRGO, the XYBASE Next Gen Airport Solution.

The scope of work for the project will include:

  • Installing clocking machines to capture real time contractor’s attendance
  • To upload duty rosters from each of the airport ground contractors
  • To monitor the attendance of the ground staff allocated for duty on daily operations
  • To manage unique Payroll Rules Management for each contractor
  • To generate payrolls for each contractor based on their ground staff actual attendance records
  • To compare payroll billings from the contractor to provide the discrepancy analysis
  • To generate analytics reports on SLA and performance of the contractors
  • The system shall be accessible by both the airport authority and the authorized contractors.

The solution will be a implemented in within 6 months with continuous 5 years of warranty support to the airport authority.