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Passenger Tracking System

This is a post-event video analysis to identify security loop holes or business intelligence.     “Seeing is believing” – The PAXTRA-X has taken the approach of vision based computing to the next level. PAXTRA-X can import a large number of cross-camera videos and images for analysis. By performing intelligent video index, PAXTRA-X can capture the structural metadata through the non-structural video data and allows fast search of target videos. It can be combined with the corporate Big-data warehouse and perform in-depth analysis of corporate risk management or business intelligence.   Open architecture supports common video and image sources and formats from video surveillance equipment. Fast search on people, vehicles & assets through visualized tools.    Security Focused to Business Focused.   Unlike traditional video surveillance which is “security focused”, PAXTRA-X is “business focused”. Our solution can solve complex business issues that relate to people, vehicle, and assets..


April 25, 2017


Airport Analytics Solution