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Surface Verhicle Tracking

The Next Gen Surface Vehicle Tracking system combines latest technologies with professional industry input. SVT-X is a multi-user web-based system. It supports Microsoft Bing Maps, Google Maps and OpenStreet Maps.  Airport ground surface area is a critical place where all type of service vehicles operates daily round the clock. Many different companies operating on an airport apron, each company brings in the vehicles and equipment it requires to sustain the operations. This increases the accident rate and the chances of vehicles and equipment being misused.  Security & Safety of assets and man power working within these ground surface area within an airport terminal is always at risk.  Safety policy and procedures needs on going improvement and be updated with the increase of ground traffic SVT-X can easily scale up and down based on complexities of operations and customer requirements. SVT-X ‘s performance is highly secure, scalable, stable and efficient.   SVT-X ‘s advantage is that it is not just a software tool, but a business intelligent end-to-end solution combining all aspects of fleet management and resource management including.  GPS Tracking of vehicle movements and driving behavior (including live positioning on the map, monitoring of speeds, driving behavior, geo-fences, routing, landmarks, auto-alerting, SOS button, driver identification, two-way voice communication, in-vehicle camera, temperature and various analog/digital sensors, remote engine switch-off, and more).   Maintenance Management provides and monitor entire flow of maintenance operation from maintenance request form until vehicle fully complete the maintenance cycle and comes with maintenance reports for management audit and planning.    Operations Management involves scheduling, route planning & optimization, delivery tracking, planned-actual comparison, project management and vehicle/drivers allocation. Dashboards/Reports & decision-making enablement, cost centers, reporting engine capability with graphs based presentation.  Administration Control Panel enabling management of business rules, data structures, alerts, organizational hierarchy, user accounts and access rights, etc.


April 25, 2017


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