XYBASE AIRPORTS core expertise is to provide complete system integration in airports. Having successfully performed multiple airport integrations worldwide, XYBASE AIRPORTS has the experiences, capabilities and domain expertise to deliver superior system integration services and support on any airport system integration projects. Our experience in one of the most integrated airports in the world, KLIA followed by other implementation in Asia, Europe and the USA will stand as testament to our capabilities.

XYBASE AIRPORTS as Master System Integrator – XYBASE AIRPORTS believes in the next generation of integrating systems in an airport. The shortcomings of an Airport Operational Database – centric integration have given us cause to search for an alternative integration method. As part of the team that pioneered a messaging technology specifically for airports, we have continued to work on the premise of viewing the Airport Operational Database as an independent system. The messaging approach to airport integration has freed airports from having to choose systems compatible with their Airport Operational Database. It has also provided airports with a more efficient way of distributing the same data to multiple systems, thereby reducing traffic and guaranteeing receipt of the latest data instantaneously.

XASIM (XYBASE Airport Systems Integration Methodology) is the architecture for complete airport systems integration. It comprises:

–  Architecture for airport systems integration, within the context of an operational airport

–  Structure for defining the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the design, delivery, testing and commissioning of airport systems

–  Development of an Airport Information Model, Based on ownership of systems, database contents, users and sources of data

–  Processes for defining and agreeing the detailed contents and flows of messages between systems, based on proven message sets

–  Strategy and processes for testing the integration of systems

–  Methodology for defining and managing Logical Test Groups for testing and proving the integration of airport systems

–  Means for training for airport staff that will be using the systems up to Operational Readiness